Other Characters

Taylor Ridley

Power: Ability to temporarily scramble the electric synapses in the brain, causing temporary confusion. She can also read people's minds, but only when touching them.
Physical Description: Long brown hair, brown eyes the "color of maple syrup."
Interesting Fact: Her secret fantasy is to be on American Idol.


Power: Tara's power is similar to her twin sister Taylor's in that she can disrupt normal electronic brain functions. Through years of practicing and refining her powers, Tara has learned to focus on specific parts of the brain in order to create emotions such as fear or joy.
Physical Description: Identical to Taylor. Always dressed expensively.
Interesting Fact: Hatch built Cell 25 specifically with Tara's powers in mind.


Power: The ability to create isolated electromagnetic pulses, which lets him take out all electrical devices within twenty yards.
Physical Description: Athletic and attractive, with blond hair.
Interesting Fact: Quentin is student body president of Elgen Academy and aspires to someday become CEO of Elgen Inc.


Power: Nichelle acts as an electrical ground and can both detect and drain the powers of the other electric children.
Physical Description: Petite with black, spiky hair that she often streaks with bright colors. She wears black almost exclusively.
Interesting Fact: Nichelle is the only electric child who does not glow. In fact, the other electric children claim that they can tell where she is in the darkness because she seems to be darker than everything around her.


Power: Zeus has the ability to "throw" electricity from his body.
Physical Description: Long hair and a tattoo of a lightning bolt on his chest. He looks unkempt because his electrical makeup makes it impossible for him to bathe without getting shocked.
Interesting Fact: He can make ice cream spark in his mouth.


Power: The ability to create highly focused electricity that allows him to cut through objects.
Physical Description: Puerto-Rican, muscularly built.
Interesting Fact: Bryan once won a hot-dog eating contest at a fair. He ate 29 hot dogs in less than 7 minutes and claimed he could have eaten more if he'd been given some more ketchup.


Power: Born with the ability to create electromagnetic power, she is basically a human magnet.
Physical Description: Brunette with green eyes.
Interesting Fact: Kylee's mother began entering her in beauty pageants starting at the age of four. When Kylee was five she starred in a television commercial for a doll maker.


Power: Grace acts as a "human flash drive," and is able to transfer and store large amounts of electronic data.
Physical Description: Gangly with auburn hair.
Interesting Fact: Because of her power, there isn't a single video game that Grace has not been able to beat in record time.


Power: Tanner's electrical powers allow him to interfere with airplanes' electrical navigation systems and cause them to malfunction and crash. His powers are so advanced that he can do this from the ground.
Physical Description: Red hair, bright blue eyes.
Interesting Fact: Tanner has spent very little time with the rest of the electric children as Hatch continually moves him around the world. Before he brought down the British Airline Jets, Tanner brought down more than 2 dozen private jets, all reported as technical malfunctions.


Power: The ability to see through electrolocation, which is the same way same way sharks and eels see through muddy or murky water.
Physical Description: Ian is African-American and the tallest of the electric children.
Interesting Fact: Although technically blind, Ian can read ink off a page, though it has a 3-D quality. He does not consider himself blind.


Power: Abigail can temporarily stop pain by electrically stimulating certain parts of the brain. She must be touching the person to do so.
Physical Description: Tall with long blond hair and bright blue eyes.


Power: Ability to create light and heat. She can heat herself to more than 3,000 Kelvin.
Physical Description: Chinese-American with long, black hair.
Interesting Fact: McKenna's Chinese name is Mei Hwa, meaning "beautiful flower." At the age of two her parents changed her name to Mei Hwo, which means, "beautiful fire."


Power: Ostin is not an electric child, but he is very intelligent with an IQ of 155, which puts him at the same level as the average Nobel Prize Winner
Physical Description: Husky with glasses.
Interesting Fact: Ostin is the inventor of the peanut butter Twinkie (and also the only person who likes it).


Power: Jack is not an electric child, but spends a lot of time in the gym and is therefore very strong. He is also excellent with cars.
Physical Description: Muscular, has a tattoo.
Interesting Fact: Jack's goal is to become an ultimate fighter and someday fight in the Octagon.


Power: Not an electric child.
Physical Description: Yellow hair and a crooked nose. Smaller than Jack and Mitchell.
Interesting Fact: Wade spends most of his free time watching cooking shows, particularly Iron Chef, and has come up with over 20 different versions of a grilled cheese sandwich.


Power: Not an electric child.
Physical Description: Tall, but not as muscular as Jack.
Interesting Fact: Mitchell is excellent at playing the viola, a hobby he keeps hidden from Jack and Wade.


Power: One of the more lethal of the Electric Children, Torstyn can create microwaves.
Physical Description: Medium built but muscular with long hair.