Who is Michael Vey?

My name is Michael Vey and the story I'm about to tell you is strange. Very strange. It's my story.

To everyone at Meridian High School, Michael Vey seems like an ordinary 14-year-old —he likes waffles and video games, hates homework and gets bullied at school. But Michael is anything but ordinary. He was born with special electrical powers.

When Michael's best friends, Ostin Liss and cheerleader Taylor Ridley, make an accidental discovery, the trio learns that there are other children with electric powers —and that someone, or some thing, is hunting them.

After Michael's mother is kidnapped, Michael will have to rely on his wits, powers and friends to combat the powerful Elgen and free his mother.

Power: Ability to shock people through direct contact or conduction. Can also absorb other electric children's powers.
Physical Description: Small for his age, with blond hair and blue eyes.
Interesting Fact: His father died when Michael was eight years old.

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