MV3 Pre-launch party
Posted on September 14, 2013
Last night, in Salt Lake City, was the Michael Vey 3 Pre-launch party. We were all a little blown away by what happened. The evening began as thousands of “Veyniacs” filled the auditorium (nearly 3,000 fans) and there were still hundreds outside waiting in the signing line. The energy in the room was…electric. As Frankie […] Read more
Welcome to the Michael Vey Blog
Posted on August 26, 2013
Hello Veyniacs! Welcome to the new Michael Vey website. This is an exciting time for all us Veyniacs as we await the September 17th release of MV3: Battle of the Ampere. What’s an Ampere? Short answer, it’s a luxurious Elgen super yacht with surface to air missiles. Long answer, the Ampere is the main Elgen […] Read more