MV3 Pre-launch party

Last night, in Salt Lake City, was the Michael Vey 3 Pre-launch party. We were all a little blown away by what happened. The evening began as thousands of “Veyniacs” filled the auditorium (nearly 3,000 fans) and there were still hundreds outside waiting in the signing line. The energy in the room was…electric.

As Frankie and Dangerboy (Michael’s favorite radio team from KZHT radio) started the show, they were suddenly interrupted by a pirate broadcast from Dr. Hatch, transmitting from the Ampere boat. The crowd booed wildly

After Dr. Hatch tried to get the kids to join the “Elgen Elite” the Veyniacs shouted loud enough to interrupt his transmission. Our hosts then commenced a TV game show to prepare the audience to join the Electroclan. One Veyniac had read Michael Vey more than 20 times. Our hosts never got to read all the multiple choice questions because the contestants knew the answers before they could get to them.

It was a night I’ll never forget.

Posted on September 14, 2013