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Hello Veyniacs! Welcome to the new Michael Vey website. This is an exciting time for all us Veyniacs as we await the September 17th release of MV3: Battle of the Ampere. What’s an Ampere? Short answer, it’s a luxurious Elgen super yacht with surface to air missiles. Long answer, the Ampere is the main Elgen boat where Chairman Schema and the board conduct their illegal activity and control the rest of the Elgen fleet. All of the Elgen boats are named after Scientists who specialized in electricity, such as: Tesla, Edison, Watt, Ohm, Joules, Ampere, etc.

Andre-Marie Ampere was a French physicist and mathematician who is regarded as one of the main founders of the science of classical electromagnetism. (Kylee would have loved the guy, right?) His name is also where the word “Amp” comes from. Feeling “amped up”? Thank Andre-Marie!

We left Michael in the jungle with a sprained ankle and being held captive by the Amacarra tribe. The rest of the Electroclan are still somewhere in the jungle being hunted by the Elgen and a new foe–the Peruvian army.

I am very excited for the upcoming book release and visiting my readers around the country. More than 90% of the early readers of MV3 have said it was the favorite of the three books. And, surprise, several of them even said they cried during reading it. (What’s that about?)

Stay tuned for more news and insider information–including an English translation of the song Meihwa sings to Michael. Be sure to tell your friends about this insider blog!

Shock on,

Richard Paul Evans

Posted on August 26, 2013